MBM Project migration
PDMS Guides by Marko Envormaa
PDMS Terms
PDMS guide | Beginners: Interface, Settings, Modeling and Drafting
PDMS Reports
PDMS Lists
PDMS to Tribon Drafting comparison
PDMS to Tribon modeling comparison
Create multiple outfitting modules using Vitesse script
Python modules, how do they work?
Tribon Data Base superserver and subserver
MBM Open Source Project - Accomodation for Tribon M2 / M3
MBM Project - Tribon utilities download
SmartMarine 3D - Get list of deleted objects by user, date and time
SmartMarine 3D - Show recent objects in the work space
Smart Marine 3D beginners SQL quick start
List registered SQL servers using C#
The Marine Design Forum discontinued
Milko Minchev – Professional resume
MBM Project migration 2017
Cookies info
Visual Studio – Add custom control DLL to toolbox
C# Custom control – TextBox accepting only numbers, decimal numbers, signed numbers
C# - How to add reference to project
C# How to draw shapes – Circle, Rectangle, Arc, Pie, Polygon, Bezier, Text
c# passing data between forms
C# Textbox - enter only positive numbers on KeyPress event in Windows form application
C# - Get database connection string from Web.config file
c# combobox set selected item by item's text
Get latest date record - SQL query
c# combobox fill from database
Introduction to .NET Framework, C# (C Sharp) and Windows Forms
Introduction to Widows Forms and Visual Studio IDE
Deploy ASP .NET MVC application using LocalDB to local IIS
c# Get selected item text from combobox
Sysprep quick fix
Windows KMS
Virtualization and CAD
Cannot uninstall Windows program ?
CAS Array Object and MS Exchange 2010
Remote Desktop microphone redirection
Create application log file in C# / Write to File example
Windows application (process) start from C# code
DataGridView copy to clipboard
DataGridView add row - C#
Hyper-V and BIOS settings
List and delete files using Windows PowerShell
Domain Controller FSMO Role Holders, Transfer and Demote
Hyper-V , HP network teaming and VMSMP Event ID 28
Handling CheckedListBox ItemCheck event in C#
SAN vs local server storage and virtualization
Why we have selected Hyper-V again (against VMware)
Implementing RemoteFX on HP ProLiant
Hyper-Threading and Virtualization
Number of virtual processors in Hyper-V Guest Operating Systems
Anti virus scanning exclusion lists
C# How to Modify DataSet Connection Strings at Runtime?
C# Is the Logged User a member of specific Windows Domain Group?
Active Directory Time Synchronization with multiple domain controllers on different Hyper-V hosts
Windows Forms C# - Controls and Code writing
Windows Forms C# - Variables, Strings and Boolean
Windows Forms C# - Loops and Arrays
Windows Forms C# - Forms and Dialogs
Windows Forms C# - Drawing and GDI+
Windows Forms C# - Working with directories and files
Ivan Belchev – Professional Resume