Windows Forms C# - Working with directories and files

Reading from a text file
Text files provide the ideal solution for reading and writing data that should be used frequently, but too voluminous to manually enter each time the program is started.
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2018/02/07 04:42

Windows Forms C# - Drawing and GDI+

The System.Drawing and GDI + package The System.Drawing package provides access to GDI + Windows features:

Windows Forms C# - Forms and Dialogs

Forms and dialogs in Windows Forms are windows that contain controls. They can be different types: to have or to not have a frame, to be modular or not to be, to be stretchable or not to be, to be above all other windows or not to be, and so on. The System.Windows.Forms.Form class The System.Windows.Forms.Form class is a base class for all for
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2018/02/02 22:01

Windows Forms C# - Loops and Arrays

Programming often requires repeated execution of a given sequence of operations. Loop is a basic programming design that allows multiple execution of a source code snippet. Depending on the type of the loop, the program code in it is repeated either a fixed number of times or while a condition is in effect. A loop that never ends is called an infinite loop.
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2018/02/02 13:42

Windows Forms C# - Variables, Strings and Boolean

Variables: The variable is a container of information that can change its value. It provides the opportunity for:
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2018/02/02 02:07