CAS Array Object and MS Exchange 2010

2010/10/19 08:37
Where the Exchange 2010 installation starts ? Is it at Exchange Prerequisites or is it at CAS Array Object setup ?

Note the items 5 and 6 at Demystifying the CAS Array Object from Brian Day, Premier Field Engineer, Messaging.
  1. A CAS array object does not load balance your traffic
  2. A CAS array object does not service Autodiscover, OWA, ECP, EWS, IMAP, POP, or SMTP
  3. A CAS array object's fqdn does not need to be part of your SSL certificate
  4. A CAS array object should not be resolvable via DNS by external clients
  5. A CAS array object should not be configured or changed after creating Exchange 2010 mailbox databases and moving mailboxes into the databases
  6. A CAS array object should be configured even if you only have one CAS or a single multi-role server.
Typical example and solution for setting CAS Array after the database has been already created - Exchange 2010 moving to CAS array setup

Set-MailboxDatabase <name of DB> -RpcClientAccessServer “”

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