Tribon Data Base superserver and subserver


The client-server access to a data bank located on a remote machine is based on ONC RPC (Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Calls). In order to provide access to data bank located on the server we must have the following Windows services running on the server machine:

  • PowerRPC Portmapper
  • TRIBON M1 DB Service

TRIBON M1 DB Service is what we call "superserver". Its executable file is - ea312.exe.

MBM Open Source Project - Accomodation for Tribon M2 / M3


This project originaly was created for demonstration purposes at the very beginning of Vitesse, just when it was implemented for Tribon structure functionality. At that time there was no idea to make it open source project, neither to update it further because we expected that Tribon Solutions will create an accommodation module in near furture.

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PDMS Reports

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 - Select Utilities > Reports > Create...

- Key in Selection fields (see pictures 1 and 2)

- Press New- button to add column and in key the Expression needed (see picture3).

Note that new column is created above selected column.


PDMS Lists

 - Select elements to be treated in Members & Draw List

- Select Utilities > Lists...

- Add elements to be treated Add > List… > Key in list name

- Select Add > Selection…

- Key in Selection- and with Rule- fields (see pictures 2 and 3)

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PDMS guide | Beginners: Interface, Settings, Modeling and Drafting

1 Interface

1.1 Login

To be able to login to PDMS, user needs to select 1) Project, 2) Facility, 3) Sub Facility, 4) User Role, 5) Module (Design, Draft, etc.) and 6) Databanks (Design, Draft, etc.), see picture 1 below.

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Q CECurrent element
Q MEMCE Members

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PDMS Terms

CATREFCatalogue Reference
CREFConnection Reference

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The purpose of this checklist is to provide general guidelines to check a drawing in Draft. Some of the checks are on-going, some of should be performed once a week or when drawing is finished and is ready to be issued.

1. Check references of drawing, sheet and view levels

- Use “Utilities > Reports”- function to list element’s IDLNAME and IDLX

2. Check dimensions are referenced to the correct elements

- Use “Utilities > Reports”- function to list element’s DDNAME


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PDMS Guides by Marko Envormaa

The following set of guides are created by Marko Envormaa to help him understand the differences between the modeling and drafting concepts and between Tribon Hull and Vantage PDMS Structural design while using it as a structural designer on both types, onshore and offshore projects. The author has kindly agree to share these documents with all who are interesting in his findings:

"My very short PDMS experience is based on using the last 12 months VANTAGE PDMS v11.5 Structural Design- and Draft- modules on two onshore- and two offshore- projects as a Structural Designer.

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The purpose of this checklist is to provide general guidelines to check a module. Some of the checks are on-going, some of should be performed once a week or when the module is finished and PI is ready to be started.

1. Check section specifications and ploo heights

- Use “Utilities > Lists”- function to select elements

2. Check positions

- Use “Utilities > Reports”- function to select elements

- Position of SITE/ZONE/STRU has to be 0,0,0 WRT WORLD


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