Windows Forms C# - Drawing and GDI+

| 2018/02/03 05:08
The System.Drawing and GDI + package The System.Drawing package provides access to GDI + Windows features:
  • Drawing surfaces
  • Working with graphics and graphical transformations
  • Drawing geometric shapes
  • Working with images
  • Working with text and fonts
  • Printing on printer


| 2017/02/10 12:42

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Ivan Belchev – Professional Resume

| 2018/04/10 14:49

Ivan Belchev

Date of Birth: 12 August 1991
Telephone: +359 52 970 993
Address: 54, Debar Str., Varna 900, Bulgaria


Windows Forms C# - Working with directories and files

| 2018/02/07 04:42
Reading from a text file Text files provide the ideal solution for reading and writing data that should be used frequently, but too voluminous to manually enter each time the program is started.